Top & Top 9500


Vigen Top & Top 9500 is a therapeutic, thermal massage bed designed to function with the principles of oriental science. The bed has been engineered to encompass some of the most important principles and techniques in eastern medicine:

  1. Massage
  2. Acupressure
  3. Acupuncture effect
  4. Heat (Moxibustion effect) with Far-Infrared Rays

Most of the techniques mentioned above have been used in oriental medicine for thousands of years. The practice of oriental medicine is based upon well-being of the human body as a whole rather than trying to cure a certain illness or heal a specific organ. To better understand this philosophy, let’s look closer at the principles of good health and wellness from the standpoint of eastern science. 

The principles of eastern science require that the body meet three basic requirements in order to function properly:

  • The spine as the root of a human body must be straight, and no pressure should be placed on the spinal cord
  • The flow of QI (chi, energy) must be undisturbed, and balanced in our bodies
  • Blood circulation must be unimpeded and the blood must be clean of toxins and other impurities such as cholesterol

In the Eastern medical perspective, the body’s health begins to deteriorate when any of the above physical requirements are not met. Failure of any of these major physical systems can result in an immune system not strong enough to prevent or fight disease.

In Eastern medicine doctors treat the entire body making sure the three principles are met and balance is restored.  Whether it is an ailing heart, liver, or any other organ, everything is addressed as part of a much bigger system. The bigger system, if kept strong, can either prevent the illness or heal the body with no or very little help.

Maintaining a straight spine is very important in maintaining the body’s overall health. Our normal daily activities along with stress, the aging process, and gravity, can compress the gel-like substance that cushions the spinal cord and vertebrae and can cause the back to stiffen and hunch as well. 

Vigen’s Spinal Massage treatment relaxes the muscles and tendons around the spine.  The spinal massage relieves pressure from the spinal cord, unblocks nerves, and allows the vertebrae to move back into the correct position. This stretching massage also prepares the back for later phases of the Vigen treatment.

Energy flow is another system that must be maintained to achieve and maintain good health.  Acupressure and the substance of HYGIEA combine in the Vigen process to unblock what in Eastern Medicine are called energy meridians. In eastern philosophy QI(chi) is the energy, life force, power, the essence of everything.   Qi can be found not only in our bodies, but in all living things along with water, air, and earth.   In our bodies Qi plays a vital role in keeping us healthy, our organs in functioning in harmony, and all our systems from failing.   According to oriental medicine, illness may start, when the QI flow is disturbed. To maintain, or restore QI flow, the Vigen process employs the techniques of acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion and mineralogy.

Within the human body there are 12 energy channels, 5 on the back, and 7 on the front.  The energy system is comparable to our blood system where there are main arteries and smaller blood vessels carrying blood to all parts of the body.  QI energy is distributed throughout the physical system via 12 main energy channels (energy meridians). Blockage within the QI system results in diminished performance of a specific organ or even a system.

Acupuncture is probably one of the most popular techniques used in oriental medicine. Vigen creates precisely the same effect as Acupuncture, but the effect is achieved without the use of needles.

Blood circulation is another key system in achieving maintaining the body’s ultimate state of health. The Vigen use of Far-Infrared heat and light is key in maintaining healthy blood flow. Far-Infrared light is a radiant energy that heats the body by penetrating four to five centimeters (up to 4 inches) into the body.  This energy penetrates into the skin, muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic glands, and nerves. Far-infrared light waves are between 5.8 and 1000 microns as compared to the wavelength of the human body at 6 to 20 microns.  The far-infrared wave’s molecular vibrations activate every living cell and speed up exchanges between cells.  As Far-infrared waves penetrate the body, they act to improve our metabolism, boost our self-regulating systems, and restore the body’s balance and health.

Vigen’s Far-infrared heat projectors are covered with a substance called HYGIEA.  HIGIEA (Hu-gee-a) is a new material developed by Vigen Medical in which 19 different minerals and metals are combined. This material has been shown to produce a maximum level of far-infrared light output compared to other minerals including jade. Some of the major minerals used to create HYGIEA include: Germanium, Titanium dioxide (Tio2); Silver; Tourmaline; Zeolite; Clau; Feldspar; Serpentine; Silicon dioxide; Alginic acid; and Pet Lite; along with Bio elements used for energy activation.

Vigen projectors produce one type of light – Far-Infrared. The HYGIEA covered projectors create heat and far-infrared light rays. Far-infrared light and heat are essential elements used in the Vigen healing process.  These elements are especially useful in the process of breaking down stored toxins and detoxifying the body.

Going back to the principles of Eastern medicine, clean blood and proper blood circulation are essential for our well being.  Heat and far-infrared rays literally wash the cholesterol and toxic blood lumps out of our veins.  The unwanted material is first dissolved and then flushed from the body.  Vigen’s far-infrared rays also helps generate blood from bone marrow which is important especially for those whose immune systems are weak.

Additionally, Far-infrared rays have the very important ability to shrink swollen tissues.   If there is any infection or inflammation in our system, Far-infrared rays go to work to restore the body’s natural health.  Far-infrared light and heat have been called “21st century medicine”, because they help the body’s own healing process without the use of invasive surgery or the negative side effects caused by drugs.

In summary, the use of the Vigen massage bed should not be perceived as a temporary measure to treat, control, or diminish symptoms of a particular condition. The Vigen system does, and will (if we let it), improve or cure our problems at the systemic level.  But once we are either improved or healed, the use of Vigen Far-infrared equipment should be about maintenance of a strong body and prevention of disease.   The daily adjustment of the spine along with detoxification and maintenance of healthy blood and QI circulation will result in our bodies staying strong and able to fight and prevent diseases.